Intelligent Transportation Management System [iPin]

June 19, 2018
Porsa Group Survey System
June 20, 2018

About product

The IPIN system has been designed and built for the purpose of intelligent transport of Intra-Urban, road and transit. The system has become the largest online billboards because of its comprehensive network of light-to-heavy vehicle drivers throughout the country. The system has active representation across the country and allows driver to reserve their cargo without a physical presence at the terminals.
The system has web apps, Android and iOS and its capabilities are at three levels of ownership, drivers, and transportation companies.

System abilities for shipment's owner

1Ability to register a shipment as a Real or legal owner

2Ability to track a transfering shipment
The owner is able to track exact location of shipment using Google map.
3Intelligent Pricing
Pricing depends on three items like: shipment's type, Weight and condition of road.

Options for drivers

1Ability to see registered shipments and reserve them for drivers

As a shipment added to list, the driver will notified for a new shipment in his area

2Minimise distance which driver isn't transferring any shipment
This intelige system introduce shortest way

Abilities for transportation agencies

1Register and manage drivers
The system has ability to display shipments for each driver so the agencies can register shipments for driver who is closer to shipment