Virtual Learning Network [Sama Class]

Porsa Group Survey System
June 20, 2018
June 20, 2018


SamaClass is the virtual learning network that is designed for mutual communication between educators and learners. SamaClass, because of using the microservice architecture, the MongoDb database, spring boot, OAuth2 and SSO protocols have become a fault tolerant, flexible and scalable system. Sama class can be used as a complementary system alongside the classes that physically hold. Registered persons in this system have two roles. professors and students and any of them has a special management panel.

Product Abilities

1Sign Up
2Create new class

Professors are able to create their own classes.


Students can see list of classes as they logged in and also they are able to join a class.

4Grouping students

Professors can see students that enrolled in the classroom and divide them into the different groups.

5Ability to create new note

Students and professors can share their notes in the classroom or in a specific group.

6Ability to create new homework

Teachers can create a homework assignment for students in a classroom or for a group of classroom.
Students can access the assignments which created by the professor and they can answer them at the specified time

7Ability to define the exam

Professors can design their exam questions by using the capabilities of the form builder section. These questions have 10 different types and can be seen by the students at the specified time.

8Create an internal messenger to send and receive messages between members
9Developing options

• Connect to Drive systems like Google Drive, One Drive, and more.

• Create role for parents to monitor the progress of their children.