Our products

Intelligent Transportation Management System [iPin]

The IPIN system has been designed and built for the purpose of intelligent transport of Intra-Urban, road and transit. The system has become the largest online billboards because of its comprehensive network of light-to-heavy vehicle drivers throughout the country. The system has active representation across the country and allows driver to reserve their cargo without a physical presence at the terminals.
The system has web apps, Android and iOS and its capabilities are at three levels of ownership, drivers, and transportation companies.


Today, due to the high cost of purchasing, maintenance and replacement of machinery in various industries and the allocation of huge funds in this section, experts are seeking an optimal solution to reduce the percentage of device failure or timely response, thereby reducing costs. computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is software that helps maintenance teams keep a record of all assets they are responsible for, schedule and track maintenance tasks, and keep a historical record of work they perform. Pardazeshgaran Behin Sayar had been developed own CMMS system with modern technology. We can deploy it on the organizations and industries servers either independently or SaaS.

Porsa Group Survey System

PorsaGroup is an online, comprehensive and flexible polling system to create and design a variety of polling forms. Designed forms can be published in both public and private formats. In the public method, various platforms such as e-mail, telegram, SMS and ... can be used to publish forms. In private publishing, forms can be published by the PorsaGroup registered users, with various conditions, including the total number of respondents, the gender of individuals, the level of SEC (social economic class). Creating relation between questions in form is one of most important part of this system. This feature enable you create communication between questions so that if you select a specific option in a question, the question related to that option will be displayed. Other features of this system include reporting the responses given by various filter option such as gender, education level, geographic location and SEC factor, user definition, authentication, verification of survey forms, entry of basic information and online payment, and etc.

Virtual Learning Network [Sama Class]

SamaClass is the virtual learning network that is designed for mutual communication between educators and learners. SamaClass, because of using the microservice architecture, the MongoDb database, spring boot, OAuth2 and SSO protocols have become a fault tolerant, flexible and scalable system. Sama class can be used as a complementary system alongside the classes that physically hold. Registered persons in this system have two roles. professors and students and any of them has a special management panel.


The SAYAR Automation System has been created to manage and organize the administrative correspondence and to accelerate and improve the process of corporate letter-writing. The system is based on microservice architecture and features reliability, high availability, scalability, cost savings, security, high performance, more dynamic, and more agile business. The most important features of the system are:

• Design and implementation of organizational structure (organizational chart), management of the posts and members of each organization
• Multiplatform support
• Easy to use
• Customizable sections including the theme, lettering and etc
• Ability to create multiple letter patterns for each secretariat
• Ability to send and receive messages between employees of the organization
• Online Form Builder (Developing).
• Processor using bpmn2 (Developing).