Virtual Learning Network [Sama Class]
June 20, 2018


The SAYAR Automation System has been created to manage and organize the administrative correspondence and to accelerate and improve the process of corporate letter-writing. The system is based on microservice architecture and features reliability, high availability, scalability, cost savings, security, high performance, more dynamic, and more agile business. The most important features of the system are:

• Design and implementation of organizational structure (organizational chart), management of the posts and members of each organization
• Multiplatform support
• Easy to use
• Customizable sections including the theme, lettering and etc
• Ability to create multiple letter patterns for each secretariat
• Ability to send and receive messages between employees of the organization
• Online Form Builder (Developing).
• Processor using bpmn2 (Developing).


1Organizational chart
4Letters in Pdf format
5Text editor